Login page

Welcome to ThinkServer System Manager

Thanks for using ThinkServer System Manager. For a better experience, we recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1280x768. In order to access all features available on ThinkServer System Manager, you must first log in.

The ThinkServer System Manager supports local users as well as Active Directory and LDAP. You may need to ask your system administrator about credentials to log in.

Basic operation

To log in into the ThinkServer System Manager, you must provide both a valid Username and a Password. Both fields are mandatory and should be filled properly. For Active Directory and LDAP services, the Username field doesn't require you to type the domain before the username itself (for example, domainABC\userXYZ).

By default, the ThinkServer System Manager will try to authenticate the provided credentials in the following order:

  1. Locally
  2. LDAP (if enabled)
  3. Active Directory (if enabled)

To log out from ThinkServer System Manager, click on the gear icon presented at the bottom right corner of all pages. ThinkServer System Manager doesn't immediately close the session if that session is not properly terminated by logging out. However, ThinkServer System Manager will automatically terminate any inactive session after the timeout period, which can be configured through the Services Management page. The default timeout period for a Web session is 30 minutes. Also, in the same Services Management page, it is possible to terminate any session, including these inactive sessions not properly ended by a log out.

Forgot password

The forgot password mechanism is only available for local users that have a valid email address registered in ThinkServer System Manager. LDAP and Active Directory users must contact the system administrator to reset their password.

Also, as the forgot password mechanism relies on email messages, SMTP must be properly configured in ThinkServer System Manager.

If you forgot your password, the ThinkServer System Manager can create a new password and send to your registered email. Just click on the 'Forgot Password?' link and input your username. You will then receive an email message containing the new password to access the ThinkServer System Manager. After logging in using your new password, you can change to another password by accessing your profile.

Setting language preferences (locales)

ThinkServer System Manager supports different languages and locales. Depending on your browser, you may need to follow some specific steps to use ThinkServer System Manager with your preferred language. Check how to configure your preferred language and the supported locales.